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Тест на знание английского языка

Тест на знание английского языка

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01. ____ English?:
 Are Are you Is You are
02. No, I ____.
 am not amn't aren't isn't
03. ____ our students.
 That are That is These are This is
04. ____ old are you?
 How What When Who
05. I haven't got ____ cigarettes.
 any few little some
06. I am listening ____ my teacher.
 at by from to
07. I _____ television now.
 am watched am watching are watching is watch
08. _____ you want a drink?
 Are Do Does Is
09. They _____ to this school every day.:
 are coming come comes is come
10. I was very ____ in the story.
 interest interested interesting interests
11. John is the _____ in the class.
 more tall most tall taller tallest
12. You ___ see him tonight.
 are have want will
13. I ____ do my homework.
 can to have must need
14. You must pay ____ you begin.
 always before ever soon
15. My teacher is the _____ .
 best better better than goodest
16. The windows ____ by the boy.
 did break is broken was broken were broken
17. I asked him if he _____ a good day.
 did had had had has had have had
18. ____ he has finished his work he can go home.
 As soon as Then Therefore Until
19. He ___ us that he had been to Paris.
 said say saying told
20. He asked her whether _____ London.
 did she like had she liked she like she liked
21. Do you know if the train ____?
 has left already is left now left since an hour went already
22. The garage ____.
 is being built is rebuild rebuilds us again was building
23. He has had to ____.
 be cutting his hair been cut his hair have his hair cut let his hair cut
24. If it had been sunny, I ____ gone out.
 can have have will have would have
25. I'd like ____ English .
 perfecting my study to can speak to improve my
26. If you ____ the box, you will find a present.
 are opening have opened open opened
27. If all goes well, I ___ home before six o`clock.
 am should be will have been would be
28. Didn't you ____ play tennis?
 have used to to use use to used to
29. My father enjoyed ____ the dinner.
 cooking is cooking the cooking to cook
30. I was walking along the road when the car ____.
 crashed crashes had crashed was crashing
31. Tomorrow you ____ leaving England.
 are going to can did will be
32. By five o`clock he _____ Manchester.
 has arrived is arriving is reaching will have reached